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Crafter Blue Hyperion Ocean Chronograph HOCSS001.P.R

Crafter Blue

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The Hyperion Ocean Chronograph extends the Crafter Blue standards of watch making for professional use. Built for ocean researchers and professional divers, it offers a reliable and accurate chronograph timepiece they can rely on in each exploration.

The Hyperion Ocean Chronograph features a 42mm body built with quality stainless steel encasing the high-end Seiko NE86 chronograph movement. It embodies harmony of both advanced technologies and contemporary style.

With the design of 2 color segments replacing the numerical indication, the Hyperion Ocean Chronograph offers a better comprehension of time reading up to 78%, according to research.

Actuation of the start, stop, and return to zero functions is precise and clean with the well-integrated column wheel. The in-built vertical clutch ensures the chronograph second will not jerk on every start of timing. All these subtleties are taken care of with precision in the Hyperion Ocean Chronograph.

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