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CHRONO SUIT Protection Case for Rolex 40mm Submariner, GMT Master I & II, Explorer II and Yacht Master

Chrono Suit

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The One and Best Rolex Rubber Case

Chrono Suit is the first ever rubber case designed exclusively for Rolex watch protection, preventing your precious timepiece from scratches, damage and general wear and tear.

If you plan to hand yours down through the generations – or simply sell and update your style – our rubber case prevents your heirloom piece from losing its value.

Ideal for those who are always on the go, Chrono Suit can protect your watch while you’re not wearing it, whether you’re travelling long haul, training in the gym, or just taking it off to go to sleep.


    Is My Rolex Compatible?

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    Chrono Suit is the flexible solution to ensure your Rolex stays scratch-free for as long as you like to own it. Our revolutionary rubber case is compatible with the following models:

    Rolex Submariner

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    16800, 16610, 16610LV, 16618, 14060, 14060M, 114060,
    11610LV, 116610LV

    Rolex Sea-Dweller

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    16600 & 16660

    Rolex GMT Master I & II

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    116710LN 116713LN, 116710BLNR, 116719, 126711CHNR

    Rolex Explorer II

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    16550, 16570

    Rolex Yacht Master

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    16628, 16622, 116622, 126622, 16623, 116655, 126655,
    116621, 126621

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